Jul 03, 2020  
Fall 2014 - Summer 2015 Graduate Catalog 
Fall 2014 - Summer 2015 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

NDPT 7171 - Neuroscience I

The course covers detailed study of the central and peripheral nervous system of the human, including phylogeny, developmental anatomy, microanatomy, gross anatomical consideration, and internal structures and organization. Emphasis will be placed on motor systems and how movement is conceived, planned and performed by the nervous system. Principles of generation and conduction of nerve impulse are explored and related to quality of excitability and communication. Structures related to movement and their integration throughout the nervous system will be examined. Muscle tone, reflexes and reactions in relation to normal and pathological nervous system function and dysfunction will be considered. Directed laboratory experiences using cadaveric tissue, images of sectioned tissue and models will be included. Basic exposure to diagnostic imaging will be introduced.